Energy & Energy Healing

In order to understand energy healing and the role it plays, it is important to acknowledge the concept of universal energy.

At an atomic level, everything in the universe is composed of some form of energy – every thing, object, human, place, animal even our thoughts and emotions comprise of energy. The only difference is that each form of it vibrates at a different frequency.​​

Type Characteristics Example
Lower Frequencies Denser matter, visible Physical body
Higher Frequencies More transparent matter, invisible Energy body, aura


Have you ever experienced being around someone that has “good vibes”?  What you are actually picking up or experiencing, is that individual’s vibrational energy – happy people vibrate on a higher frequency and therefore will make you feel uplifted when you are around them.


Have you ever experienced walking into a room or house where you immediately felt weird or that something did not ‘feel right’?  This could be due to the presence of a heavier, denser energy.  Are you drawn to the beach?  Due to the higher salt (natural energy cleanser) content of the air and the constant movement of the water and air, the vibrational frequency is higher, it makes you feel calmer, happier.

We all have energy flowing through us, every atom and cell in our body vibrates at different frequencies and the frequency is determined by the biochemical configuration.  This energy or ‘life-force’ has been recognized throughout history and across civilizations:

  • The Chinese refer to it as qi (pronounced Chee),
  • Hindus and yogis call it Prana,
  • In Japan it is known as Ki.

Regardless of the name, throughout time people have come to understand the benefits of harnessing and subtly manipulating this energy in order to promote better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

There are a number of sources of energy:

  • Food (animal or plant based foods all contain life-force)
  • Water
  • Air we breathe – absorbed into our lungs and breathed into our chakras: deep, slow rhythmic breathing = more energy is absorbed
  • Sunlight
  • The earth – walking barefoot on the ground increase the absorption of ground energy through the soles of our feet

​​Energy Flow in our bodies

We have energy meridians that traverse our bodies. Consider them like arteries for your life-force, Qi, Prana or Ki – supplying energy to all parts of our bodies. ​​

The body has 12 major meridians which run lengthways through the body and connect with all the major organs of the body, and a number of minor meridians which criss-cross the body – this network allows energy to flow throughout the body.

Remember, energy is everywhere, it flows through the Universe and so there is a limitless supply.

However, the amount of energy we have in our bodies varies from day-to-day even hour-to-hour and we need to ensure that we replenish the levels.

Sometimes, and due to a number of factors, we do not always maintain sufficient levels of energy and when this happens, we can become weaker, more emotional, tired, moody and prone to illness or ‘disease’.

Conversely, when our energy is high and flowing freely, we feel strong, happy, healthy, confident.

The energy in our bodies needs to move freely otherwise it becomes stagnant or blocked and this causes sickness.  All diseases (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual), are due to an imbalance or blockage of energy or life force.

Energy Healing focuses on achieving a balance of prana, or life-force and removing blockages. The healing can be administered through the sense of:

  • Touch (e.g. Reiki),
  • Sight (e.g. Color Therapy),
  • Sound (e.g. Chanting, singing bowls),
  • Taste (e.g. Healing elixirs) or,
  • Smell (e.g. Aromatherapy)